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Offering a variety of value added services to our clients

What we do

Match Buyers & Sellers

It is very important that our principals have mutual interest and philosophies which will allow a transaction to transpire. Often transactions are doomed before they get started, wasteing time and money. We study our clients criteria in detail to avoid leading down the wrong path. Its not about making a deal, its about making a good deal for all parties.

 Listen to our Client

Understanding our clients criteria along with the nature of their business allows us to pre-qualify potential acquisitions, adding value to our service.  Building trust through transactions creates a loyality which is the foundation of good business. It is our core value.

Due Dillegence

Because our clients acquire throughout a vast territory it is our task to evaluate and participate in the due dillegence process.  Whether it is selecting the right team members or relying on our own knowledge and experience we take great pride in providing an accurate and detail evaluation. This reputation of The REIN Group and our clients is essential to our continued success.

"The REIN Group partners with industry leading companies in order to increase the quality and volume of valuable services for our clients.  Our strategic partners include real estate sales and marketing companies, mortgage companies and lending institutions, investment funds, builders and developers, engineering firms and more." L.j.v.

"Our goal is to establish long-term agreements for sharing  of physical and/or intellectual resources in achievement of defined common objective." G.J.M.